Caveat: OK, what’s plan B?

Today was the day I needed to go online and register for classes, for the Teacher Certification program I was accepted to last month.

So I went online and did that. It went smoothly enough, until I got the bill.

It turns out University of Alaska has me recorded as a non-resident. This adds a huge amount to my tuition bill – about 300%. And much to my surprise, and against all supposition and against all intuition, I am, in fact, a non-resident by UAS standards – their standard is two years, not one year like most things of this sort that I’ve dealt with or known about.

I am not going to enroll at such a premium to my tuition.

I need a plan B.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Peter

    Could you claim defacto residency during some of your time abroad? If you can prove you were back and forth in earlier times in the 2010s, which you were at least once.

    Even if not legally applicable, you *were* kind of a defacto Alaska resident before the move, in spirit, and I have the memories of conversations to prove it.

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