Caveat: Tree #291

I didn’t have a very good day. I tried to do some work outside, since it wasn’t raining. But I felt low energy, got really tired without getting much done, and came inside and did almost nothing useful the rest of the day: reading blogs and messing around with small, unnecessary and goal-less tweaks to my server and its plethora of not-quite-functional applications.

Perhaps I’m coming down with something. I can’t even tell.


picture[daily log: walking, 1km; tromping, 500m]

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  1. David

    Jared — Of course we all sympathize with you hearing that you might be coming down with something. Who wants that, particularly when you’ve got studying and other chores to do.

    And so I wish you a swift recovery by quoting a well known member of the current US administration: “Get over it!”

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