Caveat: Pointless Anxiety

Most of my anxiety is pointless. I realize this.

I got my test scores today, for the Praxis Core I took on the 10th. Although it’s been a few decades since I took a standardized test, I exceeded even my previous performance. I’ve always had a knack for test-taking, but I think teaching Korean kids how to do a-b-c-d exams for 10 years probably just made me even more aware of how to do well. Admittedly, the Praxis Core is an “entrance exam” – it’s not particularly stringent.

My scores.


Later, I went on a walk in the rain. I saw Mike and Penny’s boat at their dock.


There is a lot of rain right now. I saw mud from the creek staining the inlet.



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  1. Juli

    I’m not surprised you did well. Congratulations. And yes, most anxiety is pointless. Part of the definition of anxiety I think. Sure love you. Hope Pam and Dean’s visit gave you a break.

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