Caveat: another about face

I have taken the decision today to uninstall facebook from my phone.

About 11 months ago (at the point in time when I’d decided to move back from Korea to the US.) I had (re-)installed facebook on my phone. Facebook is incredibly useful for staying in touch with family and friends, and for providing a snapshot of my life to those people who are too entrenched in their internet ways to bother checking with my blog. There is no denying that has become a kind of indispensable contact utility.

However, I feel like the facebook app on my phone has changed its behavior, recently. It has become much more aggressive with its ads, with its auto-play videos, with the reams of clickbait to be found on the news feed. So I feel the need to take away the temptation to open it.

To be clear, I am not “quitting” facebook. Instead, I’m scaling back and rationing my participation in facebook, by limiting access to my desktop computer, where I can better control my interaction with the application. I will look for a way to make a daily crosspost from my blog, so people can follow me – I’ll keep up my “daily tree” tradition from there.

It may be that I succumb to temptation, and re-install the app once again on my phone, at some point in the future. Likely the next time I plan to travel, I’ll do so, at the least, because it’s very convenient to have facebook on my phone when traveling. But in the meantime, you’ll be seeing fewer posts on facebook – likely just the blog crossposts.

Thanks for understanding, and love to all.