Caveat: Tree #137

Arthur and I went out in the boat today. Still fishless, though.

The tide was very low in the morning. I took this picture of a tree reflected in the water with a fat starfish under the water in the shade of the dock.


Here is the low tide – you could actually step from the beach to the dock.


Here is a sea otter I saw.


[daily log: walking, 1.5km]

Caveat: where is the man who lives out of himself?

Where is the Poet

The inky-garmented, truth-dead Cloud — woven by dumb ghost alone in
       the darkness of phantasmal mountain-mouth — kidnapped the 
       maiden Moon, silence-faced, love-mannered, mirroring her golden
       breast in silvery rivulets:
The Wind, her lover, grey-haired in one moment, crazes around the
       Universe, hunting her dewy love-letters, strewn secretly upon the
       oat-carpets of the open field.
O, drama! never performed, never gossiped, never rhymed! Behold — to
       the blind beast, ever tearless, iron-hearted, the Heaven has no
       mouth to interpret these tidings!
Ah, where is the man who lives out of himself? — the poet inspired often
       to chronicle these things?
- Yone Noguchi (Japanese poet [composing in English], 1875-1947)