Caveat: Role Reversal

I’m having a hard day.

I had dropped off my application for a job with the Craig Schools on Monday. But I was told at the time that Friday would be the earliest someone would look at it (though it wasn’t promised for Friday, either).

Anyway, today is Friday. I have a really hard time with “waiting,” where I have zero control and zero chance to know what might happen. Which is what my situation is. Will someone call, or not? Will it be positive or negative in outcome? I don’t even have a way to guesstimate probabilities.

I found myself playing a game on my computer. I don’t actually do that much. Hardly ever.

Meanwhile, I went downstairs and Arthur was being productive. He was sorting out his finances, in the wake of having written a large check to the well-drillers yesterday.

So Arthur, who normally spends hours each day playing solitaire or tetris on his computer, was doing useful things.

Meanwhile, I was killing time with a game on my computer.

I joked with him that we’d undergone a role-reversal.