Caveat: Tree #97

I failed to take a picture of a tree today. I didn’t take my daily walk. It was raining hard, and I was feeling tired and disgruntled.

So I will offer this tree from my pre-daily-tree archives.

This is the very rare Korean cat tree, with a ripe cat ready for harvesting, taken in Jeollanam Province during a work-related field trip in February, 2011.


For a less tongue-in-cheek explanation, you can visit my blog for that time, here.

[daily log: walking, 1km]

Caveat: Not Just America

In fact, the incarceration of children whose parents are in violation of rules about migration is a global problem. I was recently impressed by some discussion of the growing problem in my erstwhile home, South Korea, where it is normally an untouchable subject.

You can read about it here. The below video is included on that site.

irreversible effects of immigration detention on children (full version) from APIL Korea on Vimeo.

My important point is that the recent outrage among some parts of the US population about this issue is in fact quite narrow and parochial. This is a global problem and the US is at best a minor violator. That doesn’t excuse it. Rather, I think this core problem of child punishment for parental behavior is key to understanding why migration restriction regimes are on par with chattel slavery in ethical terms.

Caveat: Poem #982

I'll take some time now, meditating:
my strange relationship to rain,
which often boils down to waiting -
you'd think it feels somewhat mundane -
but no, in fact it's more like soothing
and letting clouds present their smoothing,
on-flowing torrents for the trees
to drink. This flow of water frees
not just the pebbles from the seething
and urgent earth, but also thoughts,
which surge and dodge life's random lots,
but then are loosened from their wreathing
constraints to fly against the dark
and overarching sky's gray arc.