Caveat: W(h)ither the blogs?

I had a horrible panic today. My blog(s) disappeared. My whole server disappeared. I couldn’t even access the “back end” via SSH, nor could I reboot it on the hosting website.


I’ve been lazy, the past few months. I had no current backup files. The most recent backup was what I had made before leaving on the huge road trip, in November. That would be 4 months of blogging disappeared, if the server was trashed.

I opened a help ticket with the hosting provider.

After several hours, it turned out to be a problem at the provider. The host machine, where my virtual server lives, had some technical issue, I guess. Maybe a guy tripped on an extension cord. Who knows.

Anyway, nothing was lost. But it was a stressful panic.

I have subsequently created up-to-date backups for both blogs, and some other data on my server. I also decided to invest in a $5 / month backup plan. Who knows, maybe my server host arranged this crash to drive business to the backup plan business? *Shrug*

Such is life.

Caveat: Heat the outdoors

This morning, the water in the house wasn’t flowing.

Some pipe had frozen, somewhere. Not completely beyond reason – the low last night was 13°F (-10°C). At first Arthur thought maybe it was at the point where the water pipe entered the house – so he had this giant portable kerosene heater running outside, there. But then we concluded it was in the water-tank and pump house, up by the driveway. So we heated the great outdoors up there for a few hours.


Sure enough, around noon we got the water flowing again.

Caveat: Prometheus

I have been trying to replenish the firewood supply. The chainsaw unchained itself. I dubbed it ‘Prometheus’.


The whole thing should have terrified me. Yes. I have always understood chainsaws throwing chains to be very dangerous. It happened to me once before – when I was here cutting trees and brush in 1998.

Now that I’m living Arthur’s lifestyle, I find I appreciate one of his chief mottos: “I’d rather be lucky than smart, any day.” Prometheus, indeed.

Here are some other recent pictures I’ve taken.