Caveat: Prometheus

I have been trying to replenish the firewood supply. The chainsaw unchained itself. I dubbed it ‘Prometheus’.


The whole thing should have terrified me. Yes. I have always understood chainsaws throwing chains to be very dangerous. It happened to me once before – when I was here cutting trees and brush in 1998.

Now that I’m living Arthur’s lifestyle, I find I appreciate one of his chief mottos: “I’d rather be lucky than smart, any day.” Prometheus, indeed.

Here are some other recent pictures I’ve taken.





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  1. David

    A few weeks ago, a broomstick-sized branch that my son had bent about 90 degrees out of the way broke as I passed and slapped back against my eyebrow, painfully fracturing my skull.

    But as I stood there in pain and surprise, I kept repeating to the others how lucky I was. An inch lower and I would probably now be blind on my right eye.

    I’ve been repeating that statement for weeks to everyone who has questioned me about my black eye. Skull fractures heal. Eyes do not grow back.

    Luck can indeed be a wonderful thing.

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