Caveat: Finally, snow

It’s very hard to explain to people that I’ve moved to a weird part of Alaska where snow is rare. Really. Call it “tropical Alaska,” if you want.

Yesterday, it snowed. This is the first snowfall I’ve seen here since moving here. The only other snowfalls I’ve seen were when I was here in the fall of 98. I do believe I’d have seen some snow if I hadn’t spent 2 months driving around other parts of the continent, however.

I announced I was going to take a walk. Arthur was skeptical of the idea of taking a daily walk in the falling snow, and I expected him to decide not to come along. Yet much to my surprise, he elected to come along.

I took a few pictures.

Here is a picture going out the upper door, looking up the steps.


Here is a picture of Arthur’s retreating backside.


Here is is a picture of my favorite pond, which I call the “Rockpit City Park”. It is completely frozen and snow-covered.


Here is a picture of the mouth of the river.


Here is a picture from this morning, from the deck over the boatshed.


Personally, I love snow. It’s pretty clear Arthur doesn’t, however.

Today we need to go into town – Arthur has an appointment with an itinerant VA audiologist (which is a very convenient service the VA provides, in my opinion – as usual, I have only good things to say about the level of service the VA provides, so far). Driving on the road will be even slower than usual.