Caveat: A

I drove out to L.A. from Indio.

I arrived at my dad’s garage (adjacent to his old house – his current house is up in Pasadena, but he stills pays rent on the garage at the old place).

There, my dad and brother were working on the Model A.


My father bought this car before I was born, in Kentucky. It was the first car I got to try to drive – I was maybe 12 or 13, and we were on some rural bit of road, I think up in Fieldbrook or McKinleyville (north of Arcata). My dad’s working on this car has been a kind of constant in my life.

The last time it was running and drivable was 1998, maybe. Recently my dad has been working on it.

The engine fired up and ran for a short time. There are some things that still need to be worked out – it seems be burning a lot of oil.

I saw the sun set in my old neighborhood, which is a striking memory of mine.


Later, we went to my brother’s place and had a fine dinner with him and his girlfriend Lilit and James and Leia.

I’ll be meeting some friends tomorrow.

[daily log: walking, 2km; driving, 300km]