Caveat: giant cookie party

My sister had a giant Christmas cookie party today.

I liked being there, and finally meeting (or meeting after such a long time) many of the friends she talks about.

Plus, there were a lot of cookies.

The Arizona lifestyle requires a backyard pool, and, perhaps, Christmas sweaters for the dogs.


Earlier, my nephews Dylan and Jameson were put to work as slaves raking the lawn (because this is Phoenix, and the leaves are only now falling from the trees).


Later, we went by a store where Jameson is working as a cashier. He is a very chill dude. When I lived in Korea, it was hard to explain to kids that most teenagers get part-time jobs in the US, but it’s true – this is the proof.

Personally, I think he could pretend to be a k-pop star and get away with it.


We had pizza for dinner. Around the table counterclockwise you can see Mark (Todd’s brother), my sister in a santa hat, Dylan, Todd and, of course, the gruncle.


Tomorrow, we drive to Indio.

[daily log: walking, 1km]