Caveat: preparing to drive

I may not have mentioned this yet. I am preparing to drive down to Portland for Thanksgiving. Yes: drive.

Arthur and I will take the ferry with the car to Ketchikan. There, he will get on an airplane, and meet Juli and Keith in Portland.

Meanwhile, I’ll put the car on another ferry from Ketchikan to Prince Rupert, BC. Then from there I can drive down to Portland for Thanksgiving.

Why are we doing this? Because that way, we’ll have the car down there. We evaluated the comparative cost of renting a car over the holidays down there, versus driving Arthur’s car down, and even accounting for the ferry tolls, the low gas mileage on his SUV, and the extra 1500 miles of driving, it’s still much cheaper.

And I used to do a lot of road trips. I think I’ll handle it fine. Once down in the lower 48 with Arthur’s car, we’ll be able to make use of it for our various intended visitings.

One thing I wanted to do to get ready to drive is make sure the car has snow chains and that I know how to attach them. That’s not because I expect to have to use them, but driving in the winter, some western states and Canada will sometimes require snow chains on vehicles for snowy weather, especially over mountain passes.

So I spent the morning practicing putting snow chains on Arthur’s car. It’s kind of unpleasant, in the rain on the gravel. But I got it done.


[daily log: walking, 4km]

Caveat: Poem #839

So twenty blurry years ago today
I made a try at dying: took some pills…
instead became a ghost abroad. It stayed
as if a dream had taken over this…
this world, this life, this cold oneiric space.
I found I could not stop my headlong trip
because each trembling leaf I saw had grace.
And finally, the ghost had found his will.