Caveat: Hard labor at 10:22 PM

Last night, Arthur decided that it was time to bring in the “rails” from his boat ramp. It’s like a miniature, 15 meter railroad stuck out into the water; it’s how he gets his boat in and out of the water and up into his little boat shed. The rails stick down into the water as far as the low tide line, so it takes a very low tide to expose the lowest rails. So during the winter, normally, he wants to pull in the lowest rails to minimize the weather damage on them through the winter, when he won’t be launching his boat in any event.

There was a low tide at 10:22 PM. And all the lowest tides to be expected over the next month are at night – so this was the best we could do. We got a floodlight to shine around, went down onto the rocky beach where the boatramp is, unbolted the lowest two stretches of rails, and carried them up to the landing beside the boat shed.

It was really hard work. As is our normal pattern, when we’re most effective, Arthur provided the expertise, while I provided a lot of the hard labor.

There are no pictures – it was dark.

[daily log: walking, 4km]