Caveat: what, me worry?

It's already the middle of October. This is some vacation, eh?

Not so bad at all. I have certain hobbies: I'm doing some writing (I mean besides the poetry, seen here); I tromp up the hill and look for stakes when it's not too wet; I sort my books and other possessions some; and there's that annoying tax documentation, which I spend a great deal of time stressing over and a smaller portion of time actually working on. I have my neuroses.

This morning I was up the hill, tromping, and I felt clever because I finagled a way to carry the chainsaw up there attached to my back, so I could have both hands free ("4 points of contact") to go up the steep, slippery trail. With practice, comes competence.

[daily log: walking, 4km; tromping, 250m]