Caveat: . . . waiting is the hardest part

I awoke very early so I could have time to face my day before heading off to the hospital. I walked into the rising sun feeling my normal mix of apprehension and the weird, uncharacteristic optimism that I only seem capable of experiencing when facing imminent discomfort and adversity.

Now I sit waiting among the near-ghosts and their attendants and hangers-on, on the utterly familiar east wing, 2nd floor of the superfun cancerland theme park.

Sometimes, waiting is the hardest part.

Several hours later – update… 

Good news: No more necrotic bone presented.

Bad news: 3 weeks after the surgery, there has been almost no healing. This is due to necrotic soft tissue in the same area. Basically,  I have big hole in the back of my mouth where they took out the dead tooth and bone. This is exactly why this procedure couldn't be done by a regular dentist. It requires monitoring and maintenance. Low grade infection is inevitable. Impact: eating will remain problematic, and mouth hygiene is critical and remains tedious. "Come back in 2 weeks, we'll decide what to do next." 

[daily log: walking, 11.5km]


  1. Wendy Miller

    I remember walking with you to the hospital, and back over Jongbalsan. Good walks, if you need companionship again, just call. Love you and South Korea. Wdndy

  2. Elizabeth Wieland

    I truly hope something can be done so you don’t have a “black hole” for long but this was a fortuitous day for Einstein’s Theory on that. Take care.

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