Caveat: Convergence of Shortcomings

I just got home from a dinner with coworkers – that Koreanest of Korean work-things, which is called 회식 (hoesik [not very phonetically pronounced hwehshik more or less]). I became very depressed.

It is a total convergence of all my shortcomings, in one compact experiential setting:

It is my failure to eat normally. I can't enjoy the food.
It is my failure to have mastered the Korean language – I'm barely at 50% in listening, I estimate, and in speaking I'm still stranded in the single digits. 
It my failure to be the kind of outstanding teacher or coworker I wish I could be.
It is my failure to be "normally" sociable.
It's so many things that matter to me. All wrapped up in one big failure.

Now I'm tired.

Good night.

[daily log: walking, 3.5 km]