Caveat: I went to Seoul and ate a burrito

I went into Seoul and met my friend Nate, who happens to be in-country on winter break from graduate school in the US. We met at the Gyobo Mungo (giant bookstore) and I managed to avoid spending too much money (for a change), then we walked through the un-Januarish drizzle to find something to eat. I wasn't sure what I wanted to eat, but we walked past a location of the Dos Tacos chain and so we went there and I had a burrito: Mexican food through a North American filter through a Korean filter. But not bad.

We talked about literature. 

I came back home and had a splitting headache – I'm not sure why, the air seemed stuffy on the subway, but it caused me to abandon my previous intention to write an actual long blog entry. I took a nap instead. Now it's almost midnight and I'm non-sleepy. I hate when I mess up my schedule like that. 

[daily log: walking, 4 km]