Caveat: Karma People

From my boss – he writes a New Years note and sends an image of it via attachment to SMS. 


I made a transcription so I could try to understand it better, although I got the general gist of it right away:

작년, 열심히 땀흘려 찍은 정들…
올, 2015년에 멋진길이 되어 우리 앞에 펼쳐질겁니다. Happy New Year! 카르마원장 올림.

I'm still uncertain of some of the words/structures (and I may have made mistakes in transcription due to unclear reading of his handwriting). Very roughly (not word-for-word):

Last year, we worked hard… for the coming [year], 2015 will wonderfully unfold before us. Happy New Year from Karma's Director. 

[daily log: walking, 5.5 km]