Caveat: a divine machine

In Canada, Riding a Steam Locomotive Towards the East Travelling for 9000 Plus Li

汽輪駕鐵迅如飛     기륜가철신여비
行止隨心少不違     행지수심소불위
透理何人知此法     투리하인지차법
泡茶一葉創神機     포차일엽창신기

The steam wheels ride the iron, fast as if flying;
Travelling and halting, they follow their own mind, not even slightly faltering.
Having mastered the theory, what kind of person realized this method?
Bubbling the tea’s one leaf has created a divine machine.
– Kim Deukryeon (金得鍊, 김득련, Korean poet 1852-1930)

I found this poem online at a website about translating Korean poetry written in classical Chinese (which was the main way to write poetry in Korea until the 20th century). The author of the poem above apparently traveled around the world in 1895-96, and upon his return published poems about his experience.