Caveat: 보기 좋은 떡이 먹기에도 좋다

My friend sent me this aphorism in a text message. He was using it to make a sort innuendo about dating between men and women.

보기      좋은           떡이          먹기에도          좋다
bo·gi    joh·eun       tteok·i       meok·gi·e·do    joh·da
look-GER be-good-PPART ricecake-SUBJ eat-GER-ABL-TOO be-good-PRES
Good-looking rice cakes are good to eat too.

SV400044It’s pretty much self-explanatory.

Picture at right shows a web-found image of a vast variety of sweet and savory rice cakes (떡 [tteok]).

To be honest, I don’t like many of these things, but there are certain types I find quite delicious – mostly the plainer varieties found in soups or tteokbokki.

Caveat: Teach a Language

For many years, we've been hearing reports about the idea that bilingualism (and tri- and multi-lingualism) can give cognitive benefits and stave off mental decline and even prevent or postpone Alzheimers.

One weakness in the data has been that this research has mostly been done in countries where most bilinguals happen, coincidentally, to belong to immigrant populations (e.g. the US, Australia, Western Europe) -  so there's always been a lingering doubt as to whether the brain benefits were being delivered as a result of bilingualism or were possibly linked to some other aspect of the immigrant experience / environment.

Now a major study out of India has narrowed the apparent benefits more specifically to multilingualism – see this post at Language Log for details.

Give a life-long gift to a child today – teach her or him a language.

What I'm listening to right now.

MC 900 Ft Jesus, "If I Only Had a Brain."


Suppose I accidentally got my shit together
Would I get a medal?
Or a pat on the back and a little feather
I could stick in my cap or pin it to my shirt
Go out in the yard and poke it in the dirt
Or leave it in the woods where it couldn't be found
If it fell over, would it make a sound?
And if it did, would it be the sound that you like?
Or should I do it over until I get it right?

You say everything I know is wrong
So do me a favor, and play along for a minute
As the rusty gears turn
Don't be alarmed if you smell something burning upstairs
It's a little BB rolling around in a box car
See us together

Maybe it wouldn't be hard to explain
If I only had a brain

Somewhere on a higher mental plain
(Somewhere On A Higher mental plain)
I might learn to come in from the rain
(I might learn to come in from the rain)
If I had a clue would I still be here with you?
(If I had a clue would I still be here with you?)
Gee whiz, if I only had a brain
(Gee Whiz, If I only had a brain)

Who's that?
Oh, my little friend cupid
Wearing a shirt that says I'm with stupid
Always nearby wherever I go
He's looking out for me, don't you know

Mr. excitement, never in a rut
Johnny on the spot with an arrow in the butt
Ouch! I guess your love is true
Now, if I could only get a clue

Had a brain
Had a brain
Had a brain
Had a brain

[daily log: walking, 5 km]