Caveat: 고슴도치도 제 새끼는 함함하다고 한다

고슴도치도     제   새끼는     함함하다고  한다
hedgehog-TOO self pup-SUBJ sleek-QUOT do-PRES
A hedgehog says its own pups are sleek.

“Everyone thinks their own children are beautiful.” I found this cool 속담 (aphorism) “smart comic textbook” (똑똑한 만화 교과서) which gives a slight variant: 고슴도치도 제 새끼는 예쁘다고 한다 (the word “pretty” substituted for “sleek” – the latter is a reference to the hedgehog’s fur I suppose).


The comic gives as equivalent the English proverb “The crow thinks her own bird fairest” which I’ve never heard in my life, but I can get the sense of it.

This is one of the dedicated teacher’s chief dilemmas: dealing with parents who think their children are something other than what they are. As a foreign teacher with very bad ability to communicate in Korean, I am somewhat sheltered or shielded from this issue in my day-to-day work. I don’t envy my fellow teachers who must deal with parents every day, and I have mostly unpleasant recollections of my dealings with parents when teaching in the US many years ago.

I have speculated that I simply couldn’t do this job if I had to deal more directly with the parents – that the positives would no longer outweigh the negatives.

In that light, I should feel grateful I can’t speak Korean well, because if I did, I would hate my job.

Caveat: Centipigator

Staff meetings are stressful for me even when they're not. Which is to say, they're intense – I'm trying to understand a bunch of people talking Korean around me and, mostly, I'm failing.

But these days there's not only that, but all kinds of anger and remonstrating and things being bad that need to be talked about and I'm continuing to not understand. So that makes the meetings even more stressful. We had one today. I sat and drew doodles on my agenda.

Centipigator 004

I created something I called "A centipigator" – see close up, below. It was orange.

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