Caveat: By Karma

"The foolish are trapped by karma, while the wise are liberated through karma." – I don't know who said this. I found the quote attributed to someone (or something) called stonepeace, but I don't know what stonepeace is.

Regardless, it's a quote worth contemplating. I'm playing with words and meanings, of course: the irony (or deliberate predicament) that results from the fact that my place of employment is called "Karma."

Am I foolish, that I feel trapped by my work (by Karma) right now? Have I become foolish, in that a year ago I felt less trapped and more liberated in my work? What's changed?

Caveat: War Makes the Commute to Gaeseong Inconvenient

I wasn't really intending to post more on this topic, but this video at BBC is absolutely the point I was trying to make in my previous post. Watch it (please), and marvel: despite North Korea's rhetoric, 30 minutes north of where I live people are still commuting back and forth across the NK border. That's the kind of war anyone can live with, and I'm inclined to agree with the reporter's citation: unless and until this border crossing closes, I'm going to take the bellicose rhetoric with a few grains of salt.