Caveat: Spagga & La Raza – Nueva York (with a digression on manhattany density)

What I'm listening to right now.

Well, that's a new problem, for this new Background Noise "feature" of mine:  I couldn't find a youtube for the particular track I was listening to.  So, being the resourceful type, I made one.  I can't find the lyrics for this song online, either.  I might try to transcribe it at some point, I think it's pretty interesting for Nuyorican Rap. 

Nueva york sign - Copy The pictures I added to the video are lame – I was in a hurry, and I just slapped in a few pics I found via the goog.  The last picture is something I found that's not even in NYC, it's in Chile, but it seemed like a good picture to put on at the end.

To change the subject a little bit, but still on the topic of Nueva York, I was thinking some more about my entry the other day about "all the world's people in one city" – questions of density.  Here's the fascinating thing.  Paris was the densest city mentioned in that graphic I posted at that last entry.

But I thought to myself, surely there are places more dense than Paris.  And of course, listening to Spagga & friend, this evening, I thought:  Of course!  Manhattan!

I ran the numbers.  If all the people in the world lived in a city of Manhattan's density they would fit in an area almost exactly the same size as… get this… South Korea.  Interesting, huh?  Can you imagine this entire mountainous little republic covered in high rises?  It's pretty easy to do – they've made a heckuva start on it already.