Caveat: Customer Service on the Internets

Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, here.  But whatever.

I really like Radiohead.  They recently released a new album.  I went to their website last night, and paid for a legal download of the album in mp3 format.  I've had a lot of appreciation for their business model, as it's evolved, and I really see myself as mostly a "pirate due to circumstance" when it comes to music – which is to say, it's troublesome being a resident of South Korea wanting to use US- or Europe-based legal music download sites.  Admittedly, I haven't tried in a few years – so laziness is a factor, too.  But – anyway – I decided to buy a legal copy of the Radiohead album. 

Radiohead-The-King-of-Limbs I did.  I paid my 9 bucks.  And I got a confiming email.  And then the download didn't work.  It sent me somewhere in Japan.  That didn't help.  I tried something else.  It said my email wasn't recognized.  This morning, I monkeyed around a little bit on the website, looking for something resembling customer service.

Then I had a little epiphany.  I had paid for my album.  I could just download it now, guiltlessly.  Within 10 minutes I had located a torrent and downloaded Radiohead's The King of Limbs.  Good album.  Guilt-free piracy.