Caveat: I am now going to do something somewhat stupid

Having declared, yesterday, that I didn’t intend to renew – thus undoubtedly raising the ire of those powers-that-be here at Hongnong – I will now set off on the semi-annual overnight “staff field trip” – this time, we’re going to Jeju Island. This is stunningly stupid behavior, on my part, given that the last staff field trip, last July, was THE WORST EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD IN KOREA (US Army INCLUDED). What’s my defense? I am armed by my guileless optimism (whaaa?) and my amazing ability to refuse Soju when it’s being offered (um…). I don’t really like Soju. I could have said, “no, I don’t want go” – yet, that didn’t even occur to me. I continue to insist that I will try to remain open and receptive to new and strange Korean cultural experiences. Besides, there will be a ferry ride. I LOVE ferry rides. And hiking. Sometimes, hiking is fun – although it’s not as fun when it’s freaking cold. So. I will be back Sunday. Hahahahaha aaaaah!