Caveat: Are You Ready?

Contrary to the "Korea has four seasons" bunk that is invented for all the children of Korea by the mysterious cultural propaganda machine, I don't really believe Korea has four seasons.  So I am guilty of cultural blasphemy.  In actuality, living in Korea is like spending half a year in a tropical country, and half a year in Siberia, with the advantage of getting to stay in one place.  Guess which half arrived yesterday?  The deceptively beautiful, puffy clouds were racing down from the north this morning, like an army of dragons in an ominous video game.

I love this kind of weather.  Although it does make me a little bit homesick for Minnesota.

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  1. Basil

    You don’t understand, Korea has four distinct seasons. It’s not just four seasons. They are perfect:) I can see the tropical part of the monsoons and the humidity in summer, but parts of Canada get rather humid in the summer and warm.
    What about Minnesota?

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