Caveat: What am I? A Freakin’ Cleaning Service?

My first reaction to my new living space: "What am I? A Freakin' Cleaning Service?" They have me move into a new apartment, and, because I find living in filth unbearable, I will end up cleaning the hell out of it. And then… they move me to a new place? They could get a lot of apartments cleaned, over a 12 month contract.  I will post pictures. Later. I'm sorry… I keep meaning to stop complaining about this whole mess, but it keeps… staying mess-y.

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  1. Sanara

    I am sorry to hear about the problems with the housing situation. I can relate to your feelings. Trust me, because I find filth unbearable, I also spend my days cleaning up after Koreans. But, oh, that’s right, they’re little, they’re cute and they’re mine. Still pisses my off sometimes.
    Hope things get better soon. Your sis.

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