Caveat: 투르드코리아

I was riding the bus back from Suwon to Gwangju this morning, and I just happened to be watching the TV on the bus (yes, buses have TVs on them, here) as I saw the winner cross the finish line, live, for the “Tour de Korea” (hangeulized as 투르드코리아) bicycle race, at about 11 AM.  I had just crossed the Jeollanam-do provincial border line.

Now that my stuff has been collected, I feel like my own “tour de Korea” has entered a new phase.

Yeonggwang (my new home) is an ugly little town, I have to confess.  I like Hongnong (where I’m working) better – it’s cleaner, and there seems to be more civic pride in evidence.   But I’m going to work at letting Yeonggwang grow on me.  I have learned that Yeonggwang means “glory” – so, glory be to Yeonggwang.