Caveat: “an unsatisfied feeling”

In about 24 hours, I'm flying from Seoul to Tokyo.  I'm saying goodbye to my job at LBridge, but only a very brief farewell to Korea.

The plan: 2 weeks in Japan, 1 week back in Korea as a tourist, then to Minneapolis. After that… road trip (Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, LA, Humboldt, Portland — big circle). Expecting a month or more pause in LA, though. After that… ? Back to Asia, most likely. Looking at Vietnam, Tawain, Mongolia, and/or back to Korea. I'll have to see what sorts of opportunities turn up. It's best when all is in flux…

And here's why I really like this teaching thing.  I feel like I'm promoting myself by sharing this, but this letter I received from a student really touched me, and affirmed why it is I like trying to be a teacher so much.  Here it is, mistakes-and-all:

Dear, Jared teacher
Hi, teacher.  I'm Shaina.
I write this letter because I want to give expression to thanks.
For the past six months, thank you very much.  I was very shy, and I have no confidence about English.  But you were bring conviction to me, so I gain confidence about English.  Untill now, I announced many speech.  But always I was tremble and wobble, but teacher was always praise me.  So I can get good scores.  And you teach our very funny and interesting.  So I always respect you.  But you will go will go back to America.  So I have an unsatisfied feeling.  And I'm sad.  ^^
Even though you go back to America, I will not forget you.  Thank you, teacher.  and good-bye.
from Shaina.