Caveat: The Space Emperor, Drawn to the Dark Side

Our future Space Emperor, BHO, is clearly not afraid to disappoint his fans.  Whether this represents cynicism or realpolitik, I find hard to judge.  I really, really enjoyed Maureen Dowd's recent mocking of the situation vis-a-vis Cheney:  "Dick twinkles.  'Yes, we can.'"


In other news, I collected all my retired (read, broken) plastic alligators and brought them to class today, because this is the last week of the Spring term.  Here is a picture after the Eldorado2 kids had arranged them.

Notes for Korean

야경= night view
-스럽다 = to seem like
사랑스러운 = love-like ~ "lovely"
올리다=raise up, [and many other meanings, maybe "begin"?]