Caveat: Mac n Cheese

I got home and found myself craving macaroni and cheese. Like, the kind you make from a box, with that weird radioactive orange powder, that's so delicious.  Well, it's impossible to buy that in Korea, I think.  But I was inspired to attempt to make it anyway.  I boiled some macaroni pasta that I had on hand, and drained it and added milk, and then I melted some slices of orange presliced Korean american-style cheese into it.

It didn't quite work out. It was edible, but it lacked that tangy flavor I associate with boxed mac n cheese. It was an effort, anyway.

200811_IlsanKR_P1010438 In other news:  can I commit myself to staying cheery and positive at work? I don't know.  I should try.  If I can fool my students into thinking I'm always happy, surely it can't be such a huge leap to make my coworkers think likewise?  What do I get out of them thinking I'm a grouch and a humbug, after all?

One other recent insight:  things like joy and sadness and anger are actually amazingly superficial. Right on the surface. They don't define us, not even in the moment. The deep part, that defines us, doesn't have those things.