Caveat: Memorializing Insecurities

I just wrote this really long entry, and posted it, and it didn't show up. 

In it, I talked (among other things) about my negative feelings about my teaching abilities – and then I said something to the effect of:  I should stop memorializing my insecurities online, as it does me no good to dwell so much on the negative.  So I think there's something karmic (or at the least apophenic) in the fact that the post failed to stick.

I was watching an episode of That '70's Show, recently, and the character Hyde says, "Oh my god, I've been using sobriety as a crutch!"  I found this extremely funny and philosophically fascinating, too.  It seems there's a human impulse to obsess negatively on almost anything:  drugs or other classic addicitons, for sure, but also religion, politics, or even sobriety.