Caveat: 1987

After a year
working in Mexico City, I travelled (somewhat aimlessly) with a friend by
horseback in the mountains of Michoacan (southwestern Mexico). I met
lots of interesting people, including many indians, hippies, a draft
dodger or two, and a dangerous, drunk, angry man with  a gun. The gun
shot bullets.  I got a bullet hole in my shoe, but somehow survived this incident mostly unscathed. Eventually, I return to Minnesota. I rent a room in a crappy house in Southeast Minneapolis and take extension classes at the University of Minnesota, with the intention of returning to school.

[This entry is part of a timeline
I am making using this blog. I am writing a single entry for each year
of my life, which when viewed together in order will provide a sort of
timeline. This entry wasn't written in 1987 – it was written in the